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Coughs on a train

(Yes the title is meant to remind you of snakes on a plane!) Goodness! At this time of year there really are a lot of people coughing on trains! I travelled from Southampton to Tunbridge Wells today, and my journey was accompanied by a large range of coughs and sneezes, from the high-pitched cough of […]

My 3 favourite things about my MacBook Pro

Well, as mentioned before, I’ve recently been given (by my PhD funding body) a MacBook Pro laptop. I’m really getting to like it, but there are still some things that frustrate me. So, this will be one of two posts: my favourite things, followed by my least-favourite things. So, the good bits first: Instant Sleep/Wakeup […]

Lessons learnt from: My dissertation

This is the first in a series of posts on the lessons I’ve learnt from various episodes in my life. First up: my dissertation. In case you’re not familiar with dissertations: they are the large written projects which are often given to students in the final year of their degree. The details of mine are […]

Review: A Thousand Years of Nonlinear History by Manuel De Landa

Summary: Very unusual approach, but also provides an interesting new view of geography. Reference: De Landa, M. 1997 A Thousand Years of Nonlinear History, Zone Books, New York. 333 pages. When dipping into a chapter entitled Geological History 1000-1700 AD one would expect to find information on rock types, the development of landforms and possibly the […]