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Review: Rackspace Cloud (+ free open-source project hosting)

Summary: Rackspace are great: easy-to-use control panel, helpful support, fast servers and I got it all for free to host my open-source projects! Upgrading servers isn’t as easy as it could be, but that’s a very minor problem overall. After thinking about it for a while, I took advantage of Jesse Noller’s offer that I found […]

Review: Programming ArcGIS 10.1 with Python Cookbook

Summary: A useful guide to automating ArcGIS using Python, which is fully up-to-date with the latest version of ArcGIS. Definitely provides “quick answers to common problems”, but it may take more effort to get a deep understanding of the methods used. Good breadth of coverage – but notably lacks raster examples – and well explained […]

Review: Dreamhost web hosting

Summary: Cheap, lots of features, can resell. Servers located in US (may be a problem) and expensive for dedicated servers. Details: Register at Dreamhost. If you use the promotion code RTWILSONBLOG you will get $50 off your hosting package, and a free lifetime domain registration – yes, really! The details of their standard package is […]

Review: Asonic External USB 2.0 8 Channel Sound Card

Summary: Perfect for the price. Great cross-platform compatibility. Couldn’t ask for more. Details: Asonic External USB 2.0 8 Channel Sound Card. I think it comes in various incarnations with the same chips inside, but I got mine from eBuyer where it was sold as the Ebuyer Extra Value Asonic External USB 2.0 8 Channel Sound Card. […]

Review: Machine Learning: An Algorithmic Perspective by Stephen Marsland

Summary: Great book – clear explanations, useful example code and a friendly, easy-going writing style. One of my favourite academic books ever! Reference: Marsland, S., 2009, Machine learning: An Algorithmic Perspective, Chapman & Hall/CRC, Boca Raton, Florida, 390pp  Machine Learning can be a difficult topic – as I found out when taking a Masters-level machine […]

Review: Matplotlib for Python Developers by Sandro Tosi

Summary: I’d recommend this for people interested in adding Matplotlib functionality to GUI and web applications, and for those who need a bit more information on how to do advanced plotting with Matplotlib. Most general users will be able to get the information they need from the Matplotlib website. Reference: Tosi, S., 2009, Matplotlib for […]

Review: R Graphs Cookbook by Hrishi Mittal

Summary: Very useful for reference while producing graphs, and very comprehensive (including heat-maps, 3D graphs and maps). Reference: Mittal, H. V., 2011, R Graph Cookbook, Packt Publishing, Birmingham, UK, 272 pages,  Publisher’s Website As a scientist I often need to plot graphs of my data, so I am keen to learn more about how to […]

Review: Python Geospatial Development by Erik Westra

Summary: Great book – both for GIS concepts and for teaching Python libraries. Lives up to the boast on the front cover – you really will learn to create complete mapping applications, learning a lot of useful tools and techniques on the way. Reference: Westra, E., 2010, Python Geospatial Development, Packt Publishing, Birmingham, UK, 508 […]

Review: The Geek Atlas by John Graham-Cumming

Summary: Very interesting, and great fun for a geek like me! Now I just need to find the time/money to visit these places… Reference: Graham-Cumming, J., 2009, The Geek Atlas, O’Reilly, 544 pages O’Reilly Link I’m a great fan of John Graham Cumming’s blog, so when the chance came to review his book, The Geek […]