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Small Notes from a French Country

My fiancee is studying in Lille, France at the moment, and I spent last week with her in Lille, including a two-day trip to Paris. During my time I noticed a number of interesting (or ¬†at least semi-interesting) things about life in France: Pedestrian crossings are scary! When the green man is shown it does […]

Rats got unfairly blamed for bubonic plague

It’s amazing what gets covered in lectures when you’re studying geography… Today in my GEOG2006: Quaternary Environmental Change we were learning about extinctions during the Holocene (last 10,000 years ish). In a slight aside from the topic, while talking about the Black Rat (rattus rattus) and the Brown Rat (rattus something elseus) our lecturer (Tony […]

Wisdom and Knowledge

As part of my geography degree I am reading the book Computer Processing of Remotely-Sensed Images (very interesting, but quite mathematical in places). Anyway, in the front of this book there are two quotes. Not unusual you might think – but I find the quotes that have been used quite amusing. “I hope that posterity […]