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Git + DTerm = Great Source Control in OS X

Git is my favourite version control system (see Why is Git better than X for some good comparisons with other tools, and my GitHub repositories to see what I’ve been doing with it lately). I now use it for all of my programming projects, and many of my writing projects (as I’m now using LaTeX for nearly all of these).

DTerm is a simple utility for OS X which provides a drop-down Terminal in the Finder. The best way to explain it is with a screenshot (see below). When in any Finder window, press Cmd-Shift-Enter, and the DTerm dialog will pop up. You can type any terminal command in the box, and it will run it in that folder, or you can press Apple-Enter to open a full terminal at this folder and run the command.

Screenshot of DTerm running GIt commands

The combination of the two gives what is, for me, the best way to do source control in OSX. I simply use DTerm for all (or most of) my git needs. When I realise I need to get some code into source control, a simple git init in DTerm starts a repository, ready for me to do whatever I want with, and then I just commit using git commit -am "Blah" in DTerm. Simple, fast and all the power of the command-line.

(I must state that I do use GitX (a Git GUI for OS X) sometimes, particularly for viewing commit logs and branch diagrams)

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