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How to: Find out what modules a Python script requires

I do a lot of my academic programming in Python, and – even though I often write about the importance of reproducible research – I don’t always document my code very well. This sometimes leads to problems where I have some code running fine, but I don’t know which modules it requires. These could be external libraries, or modules I’ve written myself – and it’s very frustrating to have to work out the module requirements by trial and error if I transfer the code to a new machine.

However, today I’ve realised there’s a better way: the modulefinder module. I’ve written a short piece of code which will produce a list of all of the ‘base’ or ‘root’ modules (for example, if you run from LandsatUtils.metadata import parse_metadata, then this code will record LandsatUtils) that your code uses, so you know which you need to install.

Hopefully, like me, it’ll save you some time.

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