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Accessing Planetary Computer STAC files in DuckDB

Microsoft Planetary Computer is a wonderful archive of geospatial datasets (primarily raster images of various types), provided with a STAC catalog to enable them to be easily searched through an API. That’s fine for normal usage where you want to find a selection of images and access the images themselves, but less useful when you […]

Introducing offline_folium

Another new-ish package that I’ve never got around to writing about on my blog is offline_folium. It has a somewhat niche use-case, but it seems like a few people have found it useful. In brief, it allows you to use the folium package for creating interactive maps from Python, but without an internet connection. Folium […]

How to subscribe to releases on Github

For a while I’d wished there was an easy way to get notified when my favourite open-source packages release a new version. I’d often see something on social media, but that tended to only be for the larger packages – and I wanted to keep up with the smaller ones too. When I actually bothered […]

Some matplotlib tips – a reblog

I was looking through my past blog posts recently, and thought a few of them were worth ‘reblogging’ so that more people could see them (now that my blog posts are getting more readers). So, here are a few posts on matplotlib tips. Matplotlib titles have configurable locations – and you can have more than […]

New Projects page on my website

Just a quick post here to say that I’ve added a new Projects page to my freelance website. I realised I didn’t have anywhere online that I could point people to that had links to all of the ‘non-work’ (maybe that should be ‘non-paid’) projects I’ve made. These projects include my Free GIS Data site, […]

Simple segmentation of geospatial images

I had a need to do some segmentation of some satellite imagery the other day, for a client. Years ago I was quite experienced at doing segmentation and classification using eCognition but that was using the university’s license, and I don’t have a license myself (and they’re very expensive). So, I wanted a free solution. […]

Simple self-hosted OpenStreetMap routing using Valhalla and Docker

I came up with an interesting plan for an artistic map recently (more on that when I’ve finished working on it), and to create it I needed to be able to calculate a large number of driving routes around Southampton, my home city. Specifically, I needed to be able to get lines showing the driving […]