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How to fix GeoPandas drop_duplicates on geometry column not getting rid of all duplicates?

I use GeoPandas for a lot of my vector GIS data manipulation in Python.

I had a situation the other day where I ended up with duplicates of some geometries in my GeoDataFrame, and I wanted to remove them. The simple way to do this is to use the underlying pandas method drop_duplicates on the geometry column, like:


However, even after running this I still had some duplicate geometries present. I couldn’t quite believe this, so checked multiple times and then started examining the geometries themselves.

What I found was that my duplicates were technically different geometries, but they looked the same when viewing them on a map. That’s because my geometries were LineStrings and I had two copies of the geometry: one with co-ordinates listed in the order left-to-right, and one in the order right-to-left.

This is illustrated in the image below: both lines look the same, but one line has the individual vertex co-ordinates in order from left-to-right and one has the same co-ordinates in order from right-to-left.

These two geometries will show as the same when using the geometry.equals() method, but won’t be picked up by drop_duplicates. That’s because drop_duplicates just serialises the geometry to Well-Known Binary and compares those to check for equality.

I started implementing various complex (and computationally-intensive) ways to deal with this, and then posted an issue on the GeoPandas Github page. Someone there gave me a simple solution which I want to share with you.

All you need to do is run gdf.normalize() first. So, the full code would be:


The normalize() method puts the vertices into a standard order so that they can be compared easily. This works for vertex order in lines and polygons, and ring orders in complex polygons.

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