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Showing code changes when teaching

A key – but challenging – part of learning to program is moving from writing technically-correct code ‘that works’ to writing high-quality code that is sensibly decomposed into functions, generically-applicable and generally ‘good’. Indeed, you could say that this is exactly what Software Carpentry is about – taking you from someone bodging together a few […]

Encouraging citation of software – introducing CITATION files

Summary:┬áPut a plaintext file named CITATION in the root directory of your code, and put information in it about how to cite your software. Go on, do it now – it’ll only take two minutes! Software is very important in science – but good software takes time and effort that could be used to do […]

My programming journey

When clearing out some of my old programming books the other day I realised how far I’d come with programming over the years, and the number of different technologies that I have used over time. I thought I’d do a little summary post going from first programming experience to now – and it’s amazing what’s […]

The best debugger is a good compiler

The title of this post is a quote from a programming course I’m taking at the moment that really made me think about things differently. In this course we’ve been doing fairly low-level programming in C, which is quite different from most of the programming I’ve been doing recently. One of my biggest lessons from […]