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My geospatial PDF talk at FOSS4G 2021

This is only about 3 years late – but I gave a talk at FOSS4G 2021 on geospatial PDFs. The full title was:

From static PDFs to interactive, geospatial PDFs, or, ‘I never knew PDFs could do that!’

The video is below:

In the talk I cover what a geospatial PDF is, how to export as a geospatial PDF from QGIS, how to import that PDF again to extract the geospatial data from it, how to create geospatial PDFs using GDAL (including styling vector data) – and then take things to the nth degree by showing a fully interactive geospatial PDF, providing a UI within the PDF file. Some people attending the talk described it as "the best talk of the conference"!

A few relevant resources are below:

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