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Alfred – the new Quicksilver?

For a while I used Quicksilver, but it seemed to be rather unstable on my machine. Then I used Quick Search Box, but it got terribly slow. Then, somehow, I found out about Alfred – and it’s replaced them both.

Alfred LogoAlfred, like the other applications mentioned above, is a launcher, but it does far more than just launch things. Alfred will let you search websites, find local files, define words, perform calculations, email files, find contacts, and is very extensible as it has good command-line integration.

The basic app is free, but you can buy the add-on PowerPack for £12 (that’s around 20$ for those in the states) which gives you access to the advanced features such as terminal integration. So – have a try of the free version, and buy the extension if you like it or need the extra features. Overall I’d thoroughly recommend it. It’s completely replaced the other two for me – and is so much faster that I can’t see how I coped with the slowness of Quick Search Box.

Stay tuned for some more Alfred posts soon – including how I have set up some useful command-line tools to work with it.


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