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How to: Fix problem where EndNote only shows the EndNote Web toolbar in Word

I should probably first state that I’m writing this a few days after I fixed this problem, so I may have some of the details wrong. Apologies if that is the case. Now, on to the problem:


You have EndNote and Microsoft Word 2010 installed. When loading Microsoft Word the EndNote tab that normally appears has been replaced with a tab labelled EndNote Web. When clicking on this tab you get asked to login to EndNote Web, and cannot access any references you have stored in your local EndNote library.


The solution to your problem depends exactly how badly things have gone wrong. Try the following steps in order:

  1. Change EndNote Cite-While-You-Write (Cwyw) Settings: Go to the EndNote Web tab in Word and click the Preferences button. Go to the Application tab and look for the Application dropdown. Use this to select EndNote rather than EndNote Web. Once you’ve changed this, restart Word and it should work. However, you may have found that the Application dropdown is greyed out and can’t be changed. If so, go to step 2.

  2. Remove EndNote Cwyw add-in and reinstall: Go to the File menu on the left of the tab bar and select Options and then the Add-Ins option on the left. You should see a list of Active Application Add-ins, in which there will be a number of EndNote related items. To remove these, select COM Add-ins in the dropdown box at the bottom, and then click Go. Select each of the EndNote-related items in the list and click Remove. Repeat this for all other items in the dropdown box so everything related to EndNote has been removed. Now the Cwyw functionality should have been completely removed from Word, so you can now re-enable it. The EndNote X4 Configuration Wizard (accessed through Configure EndNote in the Start Menu) has an option to enable EndNote in Word 2007, but not for Word 2010. Therefore, the only way I have found to re-enable EndNote in Word is to reinstall EndNote. Do that now (but make sure Word is closed first!), and then restart Word and it should work. If not, go to Step 3.

  3. Remove every trace of EndNote from all of Word’s folders and then reinstall: I have found that EndNote seems to hide things away everywhere it possibly can, which makes it very difficult to be sure you’ve removed everything. To make this easier, I would download a copy of theĀ Everything utility and search for "cwyw". You will get a number of results, including folders, .dll files and .dot and .dotm files. Delete all of the .dot and .dotm files. Then reinstall EndNote and, hopefully, everything will work!

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  1. Adura Ahmad says:

    Thank you so much. I did it as well after spending few hours and found this blog. I just repair EndNote x9 and Word 2016. Bingo I can choose application to EndNote. TQ again.

  2. devi agustin says:

    thank you for the help.

  3. Ermelinda says:

    THANK YOU !!!!
    I have spend hours trying … and it work the step 1 you mentioned !
    Many MANY Thanks !
    God bless you !

  4. Jaswant says:

    A big thank you! I spend half a day before I found your blog.

    Option 1 worked for me in Endnote X9.3.3 in MacOS 10.15 Catalina.

    Sincere thanks a big hug!

  5. Jay says:

    Thanks so so much for this. Shocker of a problem and your help solved it. A big thanks from me.

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