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How to: Fix weird ENVI startup file issues

This post is more a note to myself than anything else – but it might prove useful for someone sometime.

In the dim and distant mists of time, I set up a startup file for ENVI which automatically loaded a specific image every time you opened ENVI. I have no idea why I did that – but it seemed like a good idea at the time. When tidying up my hard drive, I removed that particular file – and ever since then I’ve got a message each time I load ENVI telling me that it couldn’t find the file.

I looked in the ENVI preferences window, and there was nothing listed in the Startup File box (see below) – but somehow a file was still being loaded at startup. Strange.



I couldn’t find anything in the documentation about where else a startup file could be configured, and I searched all of the configuration files in the ENVI program folder just in case there was some sort of command in one of them – and I couldn’t find it anywhere.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, it seems that ENVI will automatically run a startup file called envi.ini located in your home directory (C:\Users\username on Windows, \home\username on Linux/OS X). This file existed on my machine, and contained the contents below – and deleting it stopped ENVI trying to open this non-existent file.

; envi startup script
open file = C:\Data\_Datastore\SPOT\SPOT_ROI.bsq


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