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How to get GeoParquet support in GDAL/OGR from conda-forge

Just a quick one this time…

GeoParquet is a cool new-ish format for geospatial data. I’ve tried to use it a couple of times, but always run into issues with my GDAL/OGR install not supporting it. Each time this has led to me giving up, as I couldn’t be bothered to install GDAL from somewhere else.

Today, I found the solution. I usually use GDAL from conda-forge, and it turns out you can install GeoParquet support for that GDAL by just installing an extra conda-forge package:

conda install -c conda-forge libgdal-arrow-parquet

(feel free to replace conda with mamba if – like me – you’re using mamba for its speed improvements).

Once this is installed, GeoParquet works in everything that uses that GDAL library – in my case this included the GDAL/OGR command-line tools, plus various Python modules that link to GDAL.

This is actually documented at the end of the GDAL GeoParquet driver page, but I don’t think I’d ever scrolled to the bottom of that before.

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