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I am now a freelancer in Remote Sensing, GIS, Data Science & Python

I’ve been doing a bit of freelancing ‘on the side’ for a while – but now I’ve made it official: I am available for freelance work. Please look at my new website or contact me if you’re interested in what I can do for you, or carry on reading for more details.

Since I stopped working as an academic, and took time out to focus on my work and look after my new baby, I’ve been trying to find something which allows me to fit my work nicely around the rest of my life. I’ve done bits of short part-time work contracts, and various bits of freelance work – and I’ve now decided that freelancing is the way forward.

I’ve created a new freelance website which explains what I do and the experience I have – but to summarise here, my areas of focus are:

  • Remote Sensing – I am an expert at processing satellite and aerial imagery, and have processed time-series of thousands of images for a range of clients. I can help you produce useful information from raw satellite data, and am particularly experienced at atmospheric remote sensing and atmospheric correction.
  • GIS – I can process geographic data from a huge range of sources into a coherent data library, perform analyses and produce outputs in the form of static maps, webmaps and reports.
  • Data science – I have experience processing terabytes of data to produce insights which were used directly by the United Nations, and I can apply the same skills to processing your data: whether it is a single questionnaire or a huge automatically-generated dataset. I am particularly experienced at making research reproducible and self-documenting.
  • Python – I am an experienced Python programmer, and maintain a number of open-source modules (such as Py6S). I produce well-written, Pythonic code with high-quality tests and documentation.

The testimonials on my website show how much previous clients have valued the work I’ve done for them.

I’ve heard from a various people that they were rather put off by the nature of the auction that I ran for a day’s work from me – so if you were interested in working with me but wanted a standard sort of contract, and more than a day’s work, then please get in touch and we can discuss how we could work together.

(I’m aware that the last few posts on the blog have been focused on the auction for work, and this announcement of freelance work. Don’t worry – I’ve got some more posts lined up which are more along my usual lines. Stay tuned for posts on Leaflet webmaps and machine learning of large raster stacks)

If you found this post useful, please consider buying me a coffee.
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