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Major update to Free GIS Data site

The New Year is a time of new beginnings – and so it is rather appropriate to launch the complete redesign of my Free GIS Data list today.


Free GIS Data site - updated design


As you can see from the screenshot above, it looks far nicer than before – but it is also far easier to navigate. The dropdown menus at the top allow easy access to all of the categories (and also, incidentally, make it easier for me to add new categories as needed). I’ve also added quite a few new datasets, and tidied up some of the descriptions and categorisations of links that were already there.

Doing the re-design was around an evening’s work – mainly because I used the wonderful Bootstrap framework for the page. There were a few niggles I had to sort out (particularly regarding the header bar sticking at the top when you scroll down, and what that does for within-page anchors) but generally it was a fairly painless experience.

So, I hope the list is useful to you during 2013 and beyond!

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