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My new bookcase – arranged by the XKCD ‘Purity’ comic

I’ve recently moved in to a new flat, and have bought lots of bookcases to store all of my books. Of course, I had the terrible decision to make of how to arrange all of my science books. I mean I could categorise them fairly easily (maths, physics, biology etc), but what order do I put these in?

When thinking of this I thought of the xkcd comic below, and had an idea:

Why not arrange them by ‘purity’? Well – that’s what I did (see below):

Science bookshelf photo

I should point out that computing is definitely not purer than mathematics, but it is on the top shelf as that is the only shelf that my fiancee can’t reach, and she rarely (if ever) uses those books. Apart from that though, it is pretty much in purity order…

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