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New Py6S and RTWTools websites

This is just a quick Public Service Announcement, to let you know that my two main pieces of software have got fancy new websites. Py6S (my Python interface to the 6S Radiative Transfer Model) and RTWTools (my set of extensions for ENVI) are now hosted at:



For those of you interested in the technical details, these websites were manually coded in Sublime Text 2, using the Bootstrap CSS/Javascript framework. As you can see from the screenshots above, they’re basically the same layout, but with different colour schemes. Both sites are very kindly hosted for free by Rackspace, through a wonderful initiative where they provide free Rackspace servers for open-source projects. If you’re interested in getting this hosting for your projects then see here. I’ll be writing another post soon about my experiences using Rackspace through this programme, and the various other things I’m hosting on my Rackspace server.

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