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Essential OS X software #1 – Mail Attachment Reminder Plugin

The first piece of software in my series of essential OS X software is a very handy tool which reminds you when you haven’t attached a file in an email when you intended to. How does it do this? Well, it searches for key words in the email and reminds you if, for example, you use the word attached without attaching a file.

This sort of functionality is already present in a number of other email apps such as GMail and Thunderbird, but isn’t present by default in OS X’s mail application. However, this free tool will add it. Simply download it from and follow the instructions (just make sure you download the beta version if you’ve got Snow Leopard, or it won’t work!)

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  1. Bruce Goodman says:

    is there an updated version that works with Lion?

    I know it says there is a beta version, but my Mac with Lion is stripping itas soon as I try to open the download.

  2. Jan says:

    Would love to have this for Lion!

  3. Take a look at ForgetMeNot, which does basically the same thing, but is compatible with OS X 10.7 and 10.8

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