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How to get segment-geospatial working on Microsoft Planetary Computer

Just a quick one today to document the solution to a problem I ran into earlier today.

I was using Microsoft Planetary Computer to access some Landsat satellite data, and I wanted to run it through the Segment Anything model from Meta, to segment out agricultural fields from the image. I tried to do this using the segment-geospatial Python package.

Unfortunately I got an error that could not be found. Luckily this is documented on the segment-geospatial installation page and you just need to run:

apt update; apt install -y libgl1

But, there’s a problem: Microsoft Planetary Computer does not allow apt access from their container images. I tried every way I could think of to install this, and did a lot of googling, but couldn’t find anything.

Eventually I found the answer in this issue which somehow didn’t appear in my earlier Google searches. It seems that the libgl1 library is a dependency of OpenCV, which segment-geospatial uses interally, and you can get around this dependency by installing the opencv-python-headless package. And it was just that simple – running

pip install opencv-python-headless

completely solved the problem and let me get going running segment-geospatial.

I hope this post helps someone else with the same problem as me – and hopefully turns up better in relevant Google searches.

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  1. Jon Holt says:

    Hi! I’ve been playing around with Microsoft Planetary Computer today. I’d like to segment areas burned by wildfires. I came across your post. Would you mind sharing your notebook? I’d be curious to see how you implemented the segment-geospatial package.

    Thanks for considering!

  2. Robin Wilson says:

    Hi – unfortunately I don’t think my notebook would be very useful to you, and I can’t really share it anyway as it was part of some work for a client. It was heavily based on the examples fro the segment-geospatial documentation. In my case I wasn’t actually using data from Planetary Computer – I had a TIFF file that I’d uploaded to use instead – but I imagine to use PC data you’d need to save out to some sort of file first (from what I remember, I don’t think segment-geospatial supported reading directly from xarray or similar).

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