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How to install the Python triangle package on an Apple Silicon Mac

I was recently trying to set up RasterVision on my Apple Silicon Mac (specifically a M1 MacBook Pro, but I’m pretty sure this applies to any Apple Silicon Mac). It all went fine until it came time to install the triangle package, when I got an error. The error output is fairly long, but the key part is the end part here:

triangle/core.c:196:12: fatal error: 'longintrepr.h' file not found
        #include "longintrepr.h"
      1 error generated.
      error: command '/usr/bin/clang' failed with exit code 1
      [end of output]

It took me quite a bit of searching to find the answer (Google just isn’t very good at giving relevant results these days), but actually it turns out to be very simple. The latest version of triangle on PyPI doesn’t work on Apple Silicon, but the code in the Github repository does work, so you can install directly from Github with this command:

pip install git+

and it should all work fine.

Once you’ve done this, install rastervision again and it should recognise that the triangle package is already installed and not try to install it again.

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