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I was chatting to someone the other day about the values in my life, and it led to a lot of thinking on my part. I decided to make two posts on my blog: one about my values in life generally, and one specifically about my academic values.

I think that the values below define what I am (or at least what I attempt to be) in the world of academia.


I will be open with information about my research. I will not attempt to hide information that I’ve found during my research: if it doesn’t work then I’ll say so. I will disseminate my research as widely as I can (both through peer-reviewed publications and through my website), to ensure that time is not wasted repeating research unnecessarily.


I will do my utmost to ensure that my research can be repeated as easily as possible as repeatability is one of the fundamental tenets of modern science. When I develop new algorithms I will release open-source implementations of them on GitHub. Where possible I will release the raw data that I used for each project on GitHub, my academic website or through the relevant journal’s online archive.


I will do my utmost to be as clear as possible, allowing my research to be accessible to as many people as possible. Many times I have been frustrated by research which seems to have been made needlessly complicated, and I will endeavour not to do this. I will contribute to education about remote sensing by writing articles and blog posts about the subject in a clear and concise manner.

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