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Hacking the Worcester Wave thermostat in Python – Part 2

In the previous part we had established that the Worcester Wave thermostat app communicates with a remote server (run by Worcester Bosch) using the XMPP protocol, with TLS encryption. However, because of the encryption we haven’t yet managed to see the actual content of any of these messages! To decrypt the messages we need to do […]

Hacking the Worcester Wave thermostat in Python – Part 1

When we bought a new boiler last year, we decided to install a ‘smart thermostat’. There are a wide range available these days, including the Google Nest, the Hive (from British Gas), and the Worcester Bosch ‘Wave’. As we had a Worcester Bosch boiler we got the Wave – and it wasn’t much more expensive […]

Previously Unpublicised Code: PyMicrotops

Continuing my series of code that I’ve written in the past, and stuck up on Github, but never actually talked about…this post is about PyMicrotops: a Python library for processing data from the Microtops Sun Photometer. The Microtops (pictured above) measures light coming from the sun in a number of narrow wavebands, and then calculates […]

My 2015 Python life

My last post about my favourite ‘new’ (well, new to me) Python packages seemed to be very well received. I’ll post a ‘debrief’ post within the next few weeks, reflecting on the various comments that were made on Hacker News, Reddit and so on, but before that I want to post a slightly more personal […]

My top 5 ‘new’ Python modules of 2015

As I’ve been blogging a lot more about Python over the last year, I thought I’d list a few of my favourite ‘new’ Python modules from 2015. These aren’t necessarily modules that were newly released in 2015, but modules that were ‘new to me’ this year – and may be new to you too! tqdm […]

An easy way to install Jupyter Notebook extensions

I wrote a post a few months ago about a couple of useful Jupyter (formerly known as IPython) notebook extensions, and commented that they were a bit of a pain to install. Well, I’ve found a great way to get around that problem – an extension called nbextensions that will help you manage your notebook […]

Convolution in python – which function to use?

Slightly boringly, this very similar to my last post – but it’s also something useful that you may want to know, and that I’ll probably forget if I don’t write it down somewhere. Basically, scipy.ndimage.filters.convolve is about twice as fast as scipy.signal.convolve2d. I run convolutions a lot on satellite images, and Landsat images are around 8000 […]

Previously Unpublicised Code: manifestoclouds

This entry in my series covers manifestoclouds: my code for producing word clouds from political party manifestos. This is very simple, generic code that just ties together a few libraries – and is by no means restricted to just political party manifestos – but I keep it around because I find it useful occasionally. I use […]

Bokeh plots with DataFrame-based tooltips

Recently I’ve been investigating a key dataset in my research, and really seeking to understand what is causing the patterns that I see. I realised that it would be really useful if I could plot an interactive scatter plot in Python, and then hover over points to find out further information in them. Putting this into […]